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Outlook Support contact number in USA Dial +1(321)-355-5489 | +1(214)-377-0508

Outlook.com is another popular free email provider from Microsoft. You can easily connect with various social networks from your email account, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

It also provides a very clear and simple interface. You may find the folders and tools on the left, the content of the current folder is usually in the center, and what concerns a preview pane it is situated on the right. But unlike Gmail Outlook has got better privacy qualities for its users.

Zoho Mail Contact us – Reach out to the 24/7 support team

Zoho mail is an email service used for managing multiple domains. This system is available from any device and offers opportunities for communication within the company and with its customers. This platform perfectly suits for working in public organizations, freelancers, and different kinds of business.

That’s why it is concentrated on professionals. It has got a calendar, constant chat, and task manager. What is good that Zoho Mail doesn’t display any adds protecting the client’s privacy. Unlike Gmail, this email provider started supporting work in offline mode by the means of Google gears. It can be carried out automatically and you don’t have to press anything. In Zoho Mail, there are options available for blocking emails based on information about IP address, domain or content.

Tutanota Email Customer Support Number

Tutanota is another email provider that provides great security to its users. You can’t go on with creating your account unless you insert a very secure password. Tutanota’s interface is really user-friendly and it has very nice menu transitions. It also supports 1GB of email storage, spam rules and premium features for a certain payment.

Mail.com Technical Support Number in USA | Reach out to the 24/7 support team

Mail. com is another very famous and important email service provider. What is great is that you can choose any email domain name that is more suitable for you. It may be, for example, yourname@volunteer.com, yourname@cherisheddream.com, yourname@training.com and etc.

A big advantage of this service is really good virus protection which is based on a provider’s scan engine. It discovers viruses even in compressed files. Mailboxes are protected from spam with seven special modules. Mail.com platform presents worldwide news, including politics, economics, sport, real estate, entertainment and so on.

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Trash Mail Technical Support Number in USA (New in the market)

TrashMail is a popular disposable email service. To use it, you have to insert your real email address where all messages will be sent. You may set up the number of sent messages. In addition, you can choose how long a temporary mailbox will function. The registration in TrashMail is not necessary, but registered users have a possibility to create several temporary addresses.

GMX Mail Technical Support Number – Contacts – GMX Support

Being not so well-known, GMX is also very reliable and effective email provider to create disposable email accounts. If you use it you get unlimited inbox storage and you can attach files up to 50MB. GMX also includes an autoresponder which automatically sends replies to received messages. It also allows you to import Facebook contacts directly into your address book. However, GMX has one disadvantage – it’s too much full of different adds.

Safe Mail Technical Support – Safe eMail Marketing | Email Lists

SAFe-mail.net is a very secure and easy to use an email provider. It hasn’t got any ads or cookies and supports any operating system. SAFe-mail provides a high level of protection for all email communications and file attachments. The users are given 3MB free space. But if you wish to have more space and more functions, it is usually supplied under premium services. Folders and subfolders give a possibility to users to organize archived data content.

Lycos customer support phone number Get Connect To Experts Dial +1(321)-355-5489

Lycos is another free email service provider with a rich Internet history. At first, it was launched in the 1990s as the Internet search engine and web portal. But now, it also functions as a free email service. Lycos supports 500 MB of storage, spam filtering and features of virus checking. Also, you are allowed to block specific domain names and email addresses.

Hushmail Technical Support Number Get Connect To Experts Dial +1(321)-355-5489

Hushmail is a basic email service with a good level of security. It usually scans incoming messages for viruses and you also have a chance to create blacklists and whitelists to protect your account more. There aren’t any inbox adds and it’s very convenient for users. But if you don’t log in to your account for three weeks, Hushmail will deactivate you. It also provides POP3 access, i.e. you can access your email from the third-party service through other email apps.

Apple icloud support contact number in USA +1(321)-355-5489 | +1(214)-377-0508

iCloud is a great free email provider, especially for Mac users, though you can read and send messages from Windows computers and Android mobile phones. But if you want to set up iCloud it may take a lot of time. First, you need an email account. You have to choose a password and provide your cell phone.

After this, you are given a verification code.As soon as you have a verified account, you should activate your iCloud email. You can do this only from a laptop, iPad or iPhone. After you set up an iCloud, you get access to all your email from any device. What concerns attachment size, it’s only 20MB, but you can attach files with high speed. The inbox storage is up to 5GB which is the lowest one.

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ProtonMail customer support phone number in USA

ProtonMail is another email service which you can set up very easily because it doesn’t require your personal information. You just need to insert your name and password and you are already registered. But email collection and syncing across mobile devices are paid.However, the free version has got email encryption. Using ProtonMail you will have 25MB maximum attachment size. What concerns pricing, it may vary from 5 euros till 30 euros per month depending on your requirements

Fastmail Technical support phone number in USA

Fastmail is an Australian email service whose name is not accidental. It’s really very fast: the average page size of the standard HTML interface is 30 KB (unlike 200 KB in Gmail under the same conditions). There are no unnecessary applications and there is a simple minimalist interface (you may choose either “classic” or “modern” one). But the main advantage is a free two-month trial.There are three different accounts such as basic (for casual emailing), standard (for everyday use) and professional (for business purposes) and that’s why the prices are different. The first account costs 3$, the second one – 5$ and the third one – 9$ per month.

Rackspace Webmail customer service in USA

This mail service offers ActiveSync synchronization with mobile devices (POP and IMAP protocols are supported) for an additional dollar per month. But at the same time, both mobile and desktop interfaces are present. In general, Rackspace is designed more for a business user, but we would like to focus on a 25-gigabyte mailbox for 24 dollars a year.None of the other services offers such volumes. On the other hand, the box supports only two domains for an account, but if you do not need 20 domains, like in Fastmail, this will be enough for you.

1&1 Email Support Number in USA

It is one of the most well-known paid services with several million users, providing paid mailbox services at a price of $ 1 per month for the first year of usage (after a year the price is double) with 2 GB of space for messages and newspapers. What’s interesting is that it offers to create your own box (and plus five for free) with your own domain in one of the domain zones.

Fast Hosts Email Technical Support Number

Business email service from the UK web hosting provider, offering basic webmail. It is crafted to serve business and company needs specifically, underscoring the importance of corporate email (e.g. peterson@fasthosts.co.uk) as an alternative to common Gmail or Hotmail. In addition to standard 2GB mailboxes, they’ve got Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 suite for multiple devices.

Office 365 Email Technical Support Number

Talking about leading email service providers one cannot leave Microsoft products behind, even though there have been ups and downs, and many users get discouraged with it. Actually, Office 365 is now called Microsoft 365, and offers email service on 3 tiers: personal, business and enterprise. In terms of cloud storage capacity, which is a stunning 1TB, it is only matched by Yahoo Mail.There’s a variety of subscription plans for any needs, including monthly, annual or lifetime options, as well as per one user or multiple users. Extra tools such as Skype, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams, Exchange, will be handy for many users too.

Amazon Workmail Technical Support Number

If you’re looking for a straightforward email client with nothing to install, Amazon has WorkMail. It is only natural that such a giant tech company would also provide email. It is a business email for mobile and desktop, that also incorporates a calendar. Nothing fancy or complex here, and that’s a good thing, right?
WorkMail uses Amazon SES (Simple Email Service), a cloud email sending service. You can also connect a 3rd party email hosting (Rackspace, GSuite, Microsoft 365) to SES. Finally, here is a brief video introduction.

How to contact Hostinger Technical Support Number ? Dial +1(321)-355-5489

An ambitious project by Hostinger company covers a lot of services, from domain names/transfer, web hosting, VPS to cloud hosting and email hosting. As an email service, this is an easy online client. Setup is plain: purchase a plan, log into account, find Email Accounts, select Create, and choose your username and password.

HostPapa Support is here for you 24/7 Available Call Now +1(321)-355-5489

HostPapa lets users choose from 4 types of email services: Basic ($1 monthly per user), Advanced ($2 monthly per user), G Suite ($6/m/u), or Microsoft 365 ($6/m/u). The most relevant, surely, is Advanced, offering 5GB space webmail, sync, anti-spam and anti-phishing protection, calendar, contacts. Interface available in English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish.

BlueHost Mail Technical Support Number in USA

For those who like to keep business transactions as fewer as possible, for instance not to nook two different contractors for web hosting and an email client, here is Bluehost. This is a US-based vendor for hosting, domains, and other related services, one of which is reselling Microsoft 365 email. Three plans differ in technical capabilities, while all include basics like Outlook Web, single dashboard, cloud storage, Microsoft apps.

How Do I Fix Email Problems? – A2 Hosting Dial +1(321)-355-5489

Once again, if you prefer an email service from your trusted web hosting provider, consider A2Hosting from the USA. 4 subscription plans starting from $3 monthly and 100 GB SSD. All other advanced plans have no limit for disk space at all, by the way. Plenty of alternative apps are at hand: Squirrelmail, Roundcube, Postfix Admin, Zimbra, PHPMailer, FormMail, Dovecot, etc.

GoTechSecure Solutions also provides other custom based email support services.For Technical Support & Customer Support Service
Dial Toll-free Number – +1(321)-355-5489 | +1(214)-377-0508.