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Learn the technique for installing Quick-Heal Antivirus on Laptop/Desktop successfully without CD/DVD Drive.

Installing a reliable antivirus in your Laptop ensures to keep all the data and files safe from unwanted malware and computer viruses. Quick-Heal is among the best antiviruses that help to protect your Laptop/Desktop from unnecessary interruptions.

If you are considering that the installation of Quick-Heal antivirus on a Laptop/Desktop is only possible with a CD/DVD drive, which you do not have yourself, then you are wrong. You can also install Quick-Heal antivirus on your Laptop even without having a CD/DVD drive as you can directly download its electronic version from the online platform.

Although, the procedure for installing the Quick-Heal antivirus software from a CD/DVD drive or internet is almost comparable. Hence, the most reliable procedure for installing Quick-Heal antivirus on your Laptop/Desktop without CD/DVD drive is as instructed under.

  • Turn on your Laptop and open a browser after making a proper internet connection
  • Then visit the official website of Quick-Heal and find the antivirus set up
  • Next download the Quick-Heal antivirus set up files on your Laptop/Desktop and wait until it finishes
  • Then open that Quick-Heal antivirus set up files by vising the download folder in your Laptop/Desktop
  • Next tap on the set-up files to run the Quick-Heal installation on your Laptop/Desktop
  • Give the administration permission to make change in your device and let the installation begin
  • A tab will appear to show the installation progress of Quick-Heal antivirus on your Laptop/Desktop
  • Next, license agreement dialogue box will open as soon as the installation completes
  • Then you must tap the Yes button to allow the Quick-Heal antivirus scan Laptop/Desktop
  • Hereafter, a shortcut of Quick-Heal antivirus will be created on the home screen of your Laptop/Desktop
  • Now onward you can run the Quick-Heal antivirus scan on your Laptop/Desktop for detecting and removing viruses from time to time

Since you have received the most reliable information about how to install Quick-Heal antivirus on my laptop without CD/DVD drive, hence you can perform the task anytime you need.

Apparently, you are advised to purchase a licensed Quick-Heal antivirus software for its best usage in detecting and removing viruses and spyware from your Laptop/Desktop & we GOTECH SECURE SOLUTIONS can offer you the best recommendation of the specific product to your problems and also provide you with free Online Technical Support for 1 year for Quick-Heal.

On the other hand, you can always connect to the customer service team of GOTECH SECURE SOLUTIONS for Quick-Heal antivirus software for additional advice regarding the best program for protecting your device from unwanted viruses. Just dial Quick-Heal Antivirus Support Number 1-214-377-0508.